Mission + Values


San-Lee Chapel / Life Springs Church exists to help the people of Lee County and beyond DISCOVER the love of Jesus, DEVELOP the character of Jesus, and DELIVER the message of Jesus. 


San-Lee Chapel/Life Springs Church Values...

  • The Bible - We are committed to the Bible as our final authority in what we believe and how we behave.
  • Sharing our Faith - We are committed to helping everyone establish a relationship with Jesus.
  • Acceptance - We are committed to expressing God's love to people from all walks of life.
  • Relevance - We are committed to compelling our culture toward Jesus while remaining Biblically sound.
  • Church Family - We are committed to building real relationships that last.
  • Spiritual Growth - We are committed to living with Jesus and living like Jesus.
  • Serving - We are committed to enlisting every member as a minister.
  • Intimacy with God - We are committed to having a relationship with God characterized by being fully known and fully accepted.