Pastor NorrisHow it began

Reverend Earl Norris and his lovely wife Della founded San-Lee Chapel (SLC) in August of 1980. Pastor Earl led the church for eight years. At that time, he had to retire from the Senior Pastor role for health reasons. The Norris family has remained active in the church and been instrumental to SLC's success. They are an AWESOME couple and an inspiration to everyone!

The church has had several locations since 1980; the most well known was in Lemon Springs, NC. However, the church has had to re-locate often due to overcrowding. In 2000, SLC moved to its beautiful and current location on 3215 Keller Andrews Road, Sanford. Hopefully this will be the SLC home for many years to come!






Pastor Dale hosts an interview with founding pastor Earl Norris and his wife Della. Filmed on 8/24/13.